Saturday, April 28, 2012

Simple (Pt. 1)...

[Sweater: F21;  Cutoffs: American Eagle DIY;  Sandals: Eddie Bauer;  Sunnies: F21;  Backpack: Jeremiah's]
[CURRENTLY TRENDING: Backpacks, Coachella cutoffs, 90's style]

I'm not a huge fan of summer style because the temperature generally causes the masses to wear dresses and flip-flops and still proclaim to be stylish.  I think I'm just being a punk because for me, the art of style is at its finest when layers are employed.  All that being said, I tried to throw away my high and mighty ideas about layering while maintaining a level of thoughtfulness with this simple look.  Let's break it down:
1.  The light-weight sweater.  If I'm showing some leg, I like to keep things modest up top.  I like this sweater because there is plenty of room to breathe but the peek-a-boo hem keeps it from being hella-ella boring.  I also like the drab color because it matches my skin and keeps the peek-a-boo from being too scandalous.

2.  Cutoffs.  These are a summer staple and don't need much of an explanation.  They are loose fitting and casual and show the perfect amount of leg without looking like hotpants.  Afterall, I'm not a tween anymore.

3.  Accessories.  The birkenstock-like sandals are a nod  to 90's style which is oh-so hot right now.  The shades remind me of Coachella.  The canvas backpack that you can't see because of the bushes is in-line with what is trending but can also be used for school books.  What a concept, cute and functional!!!  The orange nail polish is just as spring-summery as it gets. 
So there you have it.  The most simple outfit I will ever wear.

Tune in next time for another, slightly less boring, super simple spring/summer outfit.

Monday, April 23, 2012


[Sweater: Jeremiah's;  Hi-Low Dress:  Buffalo Exchange;  Sunnies: H&M;  Bag&Boots: Nine West]
[CURRENTLY TRENDING: Hi-low hem, Distressed clothing]


This was a fun day to take photos because Denver was windy as shite!  It was totally perfect to show off my hi-low hemline which is a trend I've been loving.  I wore this to a Hindershot show at the hi-dive and while the dress made me feel like a pretty-pretty princess, the boots and hacked up sweater gave me the grunge I incorporate in most all of my outfits.  That ain't some store-bought sweater neither!  In case you don't know me, "Jeremiah's" is not a brand; Jeremiah is my cowboy, construction worker boyfriend who mucks up his clothes the perfect amount before I sneak them into my closet and call them my own.  MINE!  He's a sweet peach.

Anywhoooooo, whatchy'all doing this summer??
I'm planning a trip home to IOWA!!  I couldn't be more excited to see all my pals and hang with the fam.  HOME HOME HOME.  
Have a lovely day!

Monday, April 16, 2012


[Sunnies, Shoes & Stripey Shirts: Vintage and Forever 21]

As mentioned in this post, Forever 21 had a killer sale over the weekend.  My reason for heading to the mall in the first place was the loss of these beautiful sunglasses--I was hoping to snatch up another pair and luckily found the very last pair.  As I continued browsing, I saw the promotional sign for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE SALE ITEMS and it was game over.  My intended two minute shopping trip turned into two hours and while this would generally make me feel guilty, the trip was much needed!
Have a lovely Monday!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


 [Jacket: F21;  Jean shirt: Independent vendor;  Sweater: Jeremiah's;  Shirt: Walmart;  Jeans: Levi's;  Shoes&Sunnies: F21;  Canvas backpack: Jeremiah's]
[CURRENTLY TRENDING: Backpacks, 90's style, Jean vests or jackets, Round shades]

I fleeping love this outfit and have been wearing it non-stop.  The 90's are definitely coming back and the sweater-around-the-waist look is my absolute fav...  Not only does a sweater define the waist but its also totally practical for when the weather gets a lil CHILLY!!  Denver can't quite make up its mind about winter/spring so you can see why I've been wearing this every single day.
Have a lovely day.
LADIES, I just wanted to add that Forever 21 is having a killer sale right now.  Buy one sale item, get another for FREE.  Just do it.


Jeremiah and I have been mad spring cleaning this weekend and it's been such a relief getting things organized.  When the house is a mess I go into freak-out mode and struggle to complete homework or act like a normal person in general.  These pictures are an example of my slight OCD taking over with the perfect stacks of books and color coordinated nail polish.  OH-SO PRETTY!!!!!
I best be off.  I no longer have an excuse to procrastinate.
Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner is my latest read for school, so we'll see how that goes.  Have any of you read it??

Saturday, April 7, 2012


So, when I composed the "Spring has sprung" post I should have included a disclaimer stating that Colorado is extremely FICKLE.  I'm not the same noob I was when I moved here in 2009 so, really, I should have known another snow storm was a-comin'!
[Trench: United Colors of Benetton; Sweater: My Dad's, Eddie Bauer;  Cardigan&Shorts: F21; Glasses and  Shoes: Nine West;  Bag: My Mom's, no brand]

Just wanted to give you a quick update.  This was an outfit from winter I left out of the blog because I dislike the shoes with the rest of the outfit.  I had just received them in the mail, however, so I HAD to wear them.  I wanted to document the random snow from the past couple days, though, so here we are.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


[Dress & Headband: F21;  Tights: Victoria's Secret;  Shoes: Nine West;  Bling-Bling: Almost all Monet from random department stores.  The long gold chains are from Claire's...classy!]

To stack or not to stack?--That is the question.  Obviously not Shakespeare's question but one concerning us fashionistas, regarding whether or not to pile on loads of jewelry.  What I call the "full granny pile-on" is oh-so hot right now with lady's like The Man Repeller and Atlantic-Pacific being the strongest and I'd say most successful advocates.  Check out them blogs.  As for my own style, I generally say an emphatic NO! to all jewelry and prefer, rather, for my clothing choices to speak for themselves.  But, hey, whatever!  I'll jump on the bandwagon for a couple posts just as quick as the next girl, so look forward to some more outfits adorned with hella-hella bling-bling.  Here's a picture of a bike!