Saturday, December 22, 2012


{Hat: Borrowed ($0);  Coat: Banana Republic (Thrifted $40);  Shirt: F21 ($6);  Jeans: Levi's ($30);  Boots: Nine West ($50);  Sunnies: Walmart ($9);  Scarf: Claires ($9);  Gloves: Gifted Younkers}

I'm finally home after an epic 21.5 hour drive with my older brother and Adeline.  I am so thankful to be back around family and friends despite the insane frigidity of Iowa snow.  Chilled to the bone.  I wore this to an end of the world party at the Mill last night and definitely got some comments on the hat/long coat combo (Dr. Who, Boy George, Anne Hathaway!).  I love it, though!!  You guys have seen and will see this hat a lot this winter.
Happy holidays to you and yours!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012


{Dress: Thrifted no brand ($8);  Shirt: Gifted no brand ($0);  Jacket: old F21 ($18);  Tights: Victoria's Secret;  Shoes: Nine West ($30)}

It's getting close to Christmas again and I'm just so stupid excited to go home and spend the holiday with my entire family.  The three sibs (and Miss Adeline) haven't spent a Christmas together in Iowa in years so this time will mean so much to me.  My favorite Christmas tradition is assembling the Christmas tree just so (it must be perfect!) and the boys will be a great help in hanging the lights and various ornaments from our childhood.  OH BOY, OH JOY!
Um, that doesn't have much of anything to do with this outfit.  And idk what else to say about this one.  The title pretty much speaks for itself.  I was feeling punky and ran with it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Score Pt. 1...

Oh, the joys of thrifting.  I found this brand spankin' new sweater, originally $288.00 for $2 at my local thrift store.  It doesn't get much better than that, eh?  These are the steals that make thrifting worthwhile and stupid fun.  At some point, I'll post some of the tips and tricks I've learned along the way because it's definitely taken me a while to master the art of thrift store shopping.
{Clement: $2.00}
{The Hawick Cashmere Company: $6.00}
{Calvin Klein: $14.00}
{Old Navy: $4.00}