Sunday, January 27, 2013

Black on black...

{Shoes: Nine West ($30);  Leggings: F21 ($3);  Dress: Thrifted ($3)}

Wish I would have gotten a picture of this outfit.  
The different layers and fabrics of black on black were just what I needed for a dramatic trip to the library.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stock Show...

{Coat: Thrifted Gap ($4);  Shirt: Thrifted J.Crew ($2.50);  Chords: Thrifted Ralph Lauren ($2.50);  Boots: London Fog ($50)}
Had some good luck at the thrift store the other day and decided to build my outfit for the stock show around these amazing RL high-waisted chords and some two-toned riding boots from way back when.  The stock show is always a big event.  I had the absolute best time petting horses, various baby animals, and catching up with old pals.

S. Broadway...

 {Bomber: Abercrombie and Fitch lol (super old $?);  Shirt: F21 (sale $3);  Boyfriend jeans and shirt: Borrowed ($0);  Shoes: Thrifted ($3);  Sunglasses: Walmart ($9)}

I wore this strange outfit to S. Broadway to eat some pizza at Famous, check out some books from the library, and thrift my heart out at Goodwill, which always has their half off sales on Saturday.  I found some super steals and nothing was over $5, so I was pretty content with the trip.
I start school and work in a few days and I'm hoping and praying everything will go okay this semester.  I had some pre-semester training for work and I am definitely excited to start that part; I just hope I can find the same motivation for school.
I guess we'll see.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


{Coat: Thrifted ($3.50);  Sweater, Scarf & Jeans: F21 ($19, $3 & $12);  Shoes: Nine West ($30)}

Here's an example of my crazy coat in action.  
Color blocking up the heezy with this outfit, I tell you.  I'm still not sure if this look "works" or not but I know I felt cool wearing each piece together, so I guess that's all that matters.
I've been wearing a lot of F21 lately and though a lot of the pieces are from forever ago, I want to start phasing out my clothes from those kinds of companies and wear primarily thrifted clothing instead.
I'll keep ya posted on how that adventure goes.

Monday, January 14, 2013


{Coat:  Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange ($40);  Shirt, Scarf, & Jeans: F21 Sale ($3.50, $7, & $12);  Boots & Glasses: Nine West ($30 & $IDK)}

Oh, how I love the mountains.
I'm just chillin' in Estes Park, having the most wonderful time shopping in the quaintest of shops, eating the tastiest of toffees, and gazing at the fantastic wonders which are the Colorado mountains.
I've been keeping it cozy with sweaters, scarves and boots as the temp hasn't yet risen above 12 degrees, and you best believe I've been sippin' on my fair share of hot cocoa, too!!

I quit Facebook a while back and I have to say, I'm not missing it much.  I hope any who are interested have found my lil bloggy without my links.  I promise to keep posting when I find the time and inspiration, and though I won't be headed back to Facebook anytime soon, I so appreciate your continual support and readership.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


{Ol' Ski Coat: Thrifted from the men's section at Goodwill ($3.50)}

This coat is oh-so dope.
The colors, color blocking and cut remind me of when Tommy Hilfiger tried to get all gangster in the 90's.

Case in point:
Despite the overdose of TH brand-stamping, I liked this collection.  
The over-sized fit and pop of contrasting color on the popped collar makes me want to do whatever dance these ladies are dancin.
Just look at em!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


{Dress: Younkers ($88);  Shoes: BCBG (gifted $50);  Purse: Gifted ($0)}

HAPPY 2013 Y'ALL!!!!!!

New year...

{Faux Fur Hat: Borrowed ($0);  Sweater: Thrifted ($5);  Jeans: F21 ($13);  Boots: Nine West ($30)}

What better way to welcome in the new year than with a cozy outfit and a cup of hot cocoa!?  That is, of course, not what I did.  I tortured myself with giant heels on ice (only fell down Ellen's stairs once!) and  sheer black tights which failed to fully shield the chill of sharp Iowa winds.  The torture, however, had no impact on my high spirits as Ellen, Stacey and I trotted to and from various Iowa City establishments, whooping, hollering and singing silly songs.  
The new year was ours, is ours.

If NYE is any indication, 
2013 will bring the best of the best.