Sunday, June 17, 2012

Webcam #2...

Seems as though I missed a few.  
5. Glam:  Stacked jewelry, some sort of skirt, crisp haircut.
 6. Grunge:  Haha, this is funny.  Leather jacket, sweatshirt, stocking cap, and a truly emo expression.
 7.  Prep:  Blue oxford, fresh sweater, pulled back hurrrrrrrrrr.
Seriously, though.   That second picture... Cheer up Sonja!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Fashion updates brought to you by my webcam!!!  You can tell by the amount I update this blog that I'm still a bit too lazy to photog my outfits everyday.  Sometimes it seems like my webcam pics more accurately portray the variety of styles I try out errday.

1.  Girly:  Mint sweater, bow headband and plenty of eyeliner.
2.  Festival:  Cutoffs and haphazard layers.
3.  Kitsch:  High-waisted crazy pants and tank.
4.  Country:  My finest plaid.  Nuff said.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


[Pants: Thrifted (Buffalo Exchange);  Tank: Express;  Shoes: Old Navy; Belt&Sunnies: F21  Bag: Longchamp]
[TRENDING: Floral, Gold accents; Pajama-esque separates]
BLOG!!!!! AHHHH!!!  I obvi forgot my dear lil bloggy existed.  Here's the outfit I wore TODAY!
I've been kept busy the past few weeks with hosting friends in Denver and visiting my favorite place in the universe: HOME.  I must get to bed now, however, to rest up for a stressful job interview tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!!