Monday, July 23, 2012


[Tank, Shirt & Sunnies: F21;  Shoes: Nine West]

Oh, ya know, just waitin' for the mailman to arrive!!
But for real.  Sorry for the lag in blogging.  I always have so many ideas for this blog but never seem to be able to squeeze in as many photoshoots as I would like.  And then when I do find the time, I wear something weird like this gettup.  Oh well.
All my Iowa City pals will recognize these boots as I've been wearing them constantly.  I wear them to the gym, I wear them out, to the beach and pool, etc etc etc.  They are just too snazzy.
My brother's birthday is today.  Other than sending him well wishes, my only plan for the day is climbing with my boo, Ellen.
Hope you're having a fab Monday!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


[Shirt: Gap (Thrifted);  Jeans: Levi's;  Bling-Bling: Thrifted]

When Ellen, Amy and I went shopping the other day I found three shirts I HAD to have and go figure, they all have stripes.  This is one of those three and it was only $6.00!!!
I love the thrift stores in Iowa City.  In fact, I love almost everything about Iowa City.
Although I said I would never move back, I'm beginning to consider grad school in my little hometown.
YIKES!  I'll keep you posted.
[Shoes: Nine West (Go figure)]

Friday, July 13, 2012


[Blue jeans: Levi's;  Shoes: Nine West;  Bag: Longchamp c/o Eva;  Flowers: My dad's]

This is less of a sneak peek and more of a photog-fail as I didn't photog the rest of my outfit.  Snaps.
But I can tell you that it was monochromatic with blue separates and neutral accessories.
I had the perfect night tonight.  I went thrifting with new gal-pals, Ellen and Amy, and then climbed at the Rec Center and CRUSHED.  Maybe not crushed, but Ellen and I found the best routes for the next couple of climbing sessions!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


[Sundress & Boots: Thrifted;  Blouse: Calvin Klein c/o Eva]

It's been a bit of an adventure taking outfit pictures on my own.  I still love capturing and documenting random outfits, though, so I will continue to persevere.
I wore this to the pub quiz at Deadwood yesterday and received many a positive review on my cowgal boots.  Gotta love em!!
Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Got decked out in my red, white and blue tini-bikini and enjoyed the hot day at Lake McBride in Iowa City.

Beat it...

[Tank: Thrifted (American Eagle);  Shorts: Pimkie;  Shoes: Nine West]

BEAT THE HEAT, that is.  Heh heh.
But let's get serious: there is no possible way for anyone to beat the heat this summer.
It's swampy as heck in Iowa City but I'm doing my best to embrace the weather and in doing so, have adapted my wardrobe accordingly.  Light fabrics with plenty of breathing room have kept me from dying of heatstroke while bright colors and accessories have kept me feeling at least somewhat stylish. 
Despite the heat, I've had an enjoyable couple of days.
I went to a few Jazzfest events this weekend and climbed with two new friends, Ellen and Rohith.
Today I swam at Lake McBride and tomorrow will be spent with Andy and friends at his CABIN!!!!!  So pumped.

Hope y'all had a lovely 4th of July!!