Friday, January 27, 2012


 I had a lovely day at school today and I'm going to guess it's because I wore my lucky hat.  I gotta say, there's something about dressing up every day that beats the heck out of last semester's uniform of baggy jeans and sweatshirts.  Being dressed up makes me feel smarter.  How strange.
I went with an earth-toned outfit today which is a bit out of character for me.  I love color but I generally loath the color brown.  ICK!  Using black as my neutral or base tone is just so much easier!  Anyway.  The rest of the outfit was put together with my go-to method of color pairing.  To explain: brown hat and shoes + navy jeans and messenger bag + green jacket and scarf + red sweater and scarf = OUTFIT EQUILIBRIUM.
Getting dressed can be quite mathematical!  I definitely love breaking fashion rules but when I'm in a hurry before school, the color pairing method is my most efficient way of looking chic and getting out the door on time.
Sweater: American Eagle;  Jeans: F21;  Jacket: Thrifted Bebe;  Scarf&Sunnies: F21;  Messenger: Zara;  Shoes: Steve Madden;  Hat: Jeremiah's

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Howdy!  Long time no chat but I do believe I have some good reasons.  Here's what is on my plate at the moment: finding a place to move, getting a job, switching my classes, going to classes, finding my books, applying for scholarships, and a lot of other stuff that is just stressing me out, maaann!!  My 24th birthday is coming up and I've hardly had a moment to think of what I'll do to celebrate.... but I think the Colorado mountains are at the top of my list.
Here's an outfit I wore to my bff, Kelsey's, birthday party.  She lent me the dress and I jazzed it up with a turtleneck and a belt I cut and transformed into something cummerbund-esque!  My absolute favorite part, however, is the caped collar which turns into WINGS.  Enough said. 
Coat: gifted from Eva;  Dress: Buffalo Exchange (Kelsey's);  Belt: DIY F21  Sunnies: F21  Boots: Nine West

Friday, January 6, 2012


 I haven't yet worn this outfit because it makes me feel like a supreme DIVA... but I'm sure I'll find the right moment where a little black-on-black fashion sass is needed.  Anytime I have the blues, dressing up in a certain way transforms my mood and makes any hardship a little more manageable.  Life has been giving me lemons lately and while I've been trying to dress up more to boost my mood, I've still been a bit bummed out.  I have, however, had a few people reach out to me which has meant more than they could know.  As I'm pretty sure a few of them read my blog, thank you thank you thank you for everything.  Happy Thursday!!  I'm off to the Skylark in Denver for a much needed ladies night!
Maxi dress: Buffalo Exchange;  Hoodie: Victoria's Secret;  Jacket: F21;  Sunnies: F21;  Shoes: Thrifted

Thursday, January 5, 2012


 One thing I'm starting to love about blogging is looking for the backdrops of photos.  The graffiti of yesterday or this busted up garage from today is almost as interesting as the outfits I put together.  My neighborhood isn't what many would call upscale but I think there's a lot of beauty that can be taken from chaos.  You'll probably be seeing this garage again soon.
And now on to this outfit.  The most significant piece I'm wearing is the pair of Doc Martins I found for $4.00 in the kids section of Goodwill.  FOUR DOLLARS, FOLKS.  Another thrifting purchase from this outfit is my Bebe jacket I bought in St. Louis years ago.  I don't remember the price but I do remember feeling lucky.  Happy Thursday, ya'll!!
Beige polo: Jeremiah's;  Button-down: Beauty Bar purchase from Fashion Night Out;  Skinny chords: Levi's;  Jacket: Thrifted Bebe;  Hat: Walgreens;  Shoes: Thifted Doc Martins  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 The story behind this dress is absolutely outrageous and to be honest, a bit embarrassing.  I originally saw it at my Denver Buffalo Exchange but didn't try it on because I had ZERO money at the time. I got home that night and when I couldn't get it off my mind I knew I had to go back for the purchase.  I went back to Buffalo the next day and lo and behold the dress was GONE!!!  And it wasn't in the Boulder store either.  What ensued after that day was a two-three week struggle to find. that. dress.  I first contacted Buffalo Exchange's blogger, Stephanie, so she could contact the stores in Tuscon, Arizona, where Buffalo is based.  She found the dress and after begging Dana at the Tuscon store to hold the dress, I contacted Jeremiah's cousin Tinah to pick it up.  But she was out of town!!!!  AHHHHHHH!  Anyway.  I obviously ended up getting the dress and I couldn't be more happy with the pink, polka's, and hi/low hem.  Thanks to everyone who hooked it up!!!
 Dress: Buffalo Exchange; Hoodie: Old Navy;  Faux leather jacket: F21  Tights: Victoria's Secret;  Booties: Nine West

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year...

Sweater: stolen from little brother; Plaid: H&M (mens); Leggings: F21; Hat: Bakers; Socks&Boots&Bag: Nine West; Gloves: Younkers

Happy New Year!!!!  And happy new fashion blog!!  I wanted my first pictures for the blog to be special and what could be more special than hanging around my favorite animal, Sherman.  Today was absolutely beautiful.  I put on my favorite plaid shirt and dressed around the country classic.  Sherman was quite curious because he's used to me in jeans and cowboy boots but he soon lost interest and went back to eating his hay.  Here's an outtake of me trying to get Sherman's butt in gear and him loving on that hay.  I couldn't be more excited to go riding tomorrow!  Happy Sunday!
Scarve: Walmart; Coat: Gifted from Eva