Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashion! Show!

What a delightful day!  I woke up at 7AM to go to jury summons.  Although I'm fairly interested in the legal process, the courthouse was the absolute last place I wanted to be.  I made the most of it by catching up on some reading but after a few juries were called, I was thrilled to receive the news that THE REST OF US COULD LEAVE EARLY!!  And then...
My friend Kelsey called and gave me exactly one hour to clean myself up to be a photographer for a FASHION SHOW!!!  That's right.  Fashion!  Show!  Kelsey works at Aveda Salon and their team needed a photog to take backstage photos.  The funny thing is...
I am SO not a photographer.  Though I have a bangin' Canon DSLR, I almost always use the auto setting and then edit photos in Picasa later.  Seriously, I'ma major amateur!  But, lucky for me, Cha lent me one of her lenses and the fours hours I was there gave me plenty of time to get a few good pics.  You might even see a couple on here...
[Shirt and trousers: H&M;  Shoes: Zara]
I was required to wear all black but I figured the short sleeve turtleneck gave the outfit more of a "photographer" feel while my trusty yellow platforms gave me the punch of high fashion I needed.
With all the excitement of today, I couldn't be more happy to kick back and watch "New Girl" with my favorite fella.  Hope y'all had a great Wednesday!

Friday, May 11, 2012


I always forget about blogging when my cray-cray life gets in the way.  Sorry!  Here's what has been going on the past two days:
I barely finished a final on The Great Gatsby and The Professor's House by the deadline so to celebrate, Jeremiah and I went to get ice cream at LIKS!  Ashley met us there and we then ditched Jeremiah to head to the Skylark.
I wore a slouchy red shirt from F21, the knot being inspired by my gal, Meredith.  Jeremiah's button up.  Levi's.  Nine West gladiators.  My fav Longchamp purse from Eva.  Gold mirror shades from Walgreens.  AND Jeremiah's grandpa's bolo tie.  I love me some bolo ties!!
The Skylark was fun.  Ashley and I got a little too crazy there on Cinco de Mayo and decided a mellow night would perhaps make us feel better about the messes we became last time.  We sipped on water and this time, I did not break any jukeboxes or get punchy with any of my pals.  
Today, Jeremiah I headed to St. Marks for some serious study time.  I have one more final paper due today and then I'll be free as a bird.
Here's a variation of yesterdays outfit.  Jean jackets are the ISH!!!!
Chaucer Chaucer Chaucer.
Jeremiah in all his glory.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend thus far!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Simple (Pt. 2)...

[Shirt&Shorts&Sunnies: F21;  Purse: Gianni Bini;  Shoes: Express]
[CURRENTLY TRENDING: Pastels, Stripes (as always), Reflective Shades]

This is the second kind of simple outfit I've been wearing constantly as my semester comes to a close.  As with my last post, I have a hard time when it's too hot for layering but a good way to combat the boring is with interesting pieces.  The pastel yellow gives the look a pop of color while the stripes and silhouette of the shirt keeps things fresh to death.  I also like mixing "metals."  The gold of my purse and shoes contrasts nicely with my silver reflective shades and side zippers.

Bing, bang, boom.  I gotta go study.  ONE MORE WEEK.