Saturday, February 16, 2013


[Hat: Unknown $? // Coat: Thrifted Bebe $10 // Sweater: Thrifted Columbia $2.50 // Skirt: Thrifted $5 // Boots: Thrifted Doc Martens $19 // Bag: Thrifted $10]

What a lovely Saturday to wake up to!!!
A trip to the library, grocery shopping, and a healthy dinner after a Friday night of friends, fondue, and my favorite new game, Balderdash??  Yep, it's been a good weekend so far.
Hope y'all are well!
Variations of this outfit have been my favorite lately.  I thrifted a bunch of skirts at Buffalo Exchange and have been gettin' my girly on ever since. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gray day...

// Hat: Unknown $? // Sweater: Thrifted Columbia $2.50 // Chords: Levi's $30 // Boots: Nine West $30 //

Despite the mood of these pictures, my day has been quite sunny thus far.
After a long and productive day of class, I plan to settle into a bubble bath, sippy sippy on some wine, and paint my nails the deepest and darkest shade of red I can find.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


{Hat: Bakers $30 // Bag: Thrifted $10 // Coat: Gifted $0 // Jacket: F21 $19 // Shirt: Thrifted American Apparel $7 // Skirt: F21 $5 // Boots: Nine West $30}

It's my birthday week and I feel so grateful to my friends for being either as excited or more excited than I am about the occasion!!  I went to Beauty Bar with (forgive me for listing but I want to remember) Stu, Diana, Aaron, Morgan, Ned, Spen, Casey, John Paul, Jesse, Jeremiah, Andrew, Caleb, Meg, and Tim and we had a glorious time.  Tuesday night is not exactly the wildest night of the week but I had a perfectly mellow time with the folks I most wanted to be there.
Casey bought me a mani (gold with silver sparkles) and I sipped away the night with a fancy drank called "Beauty School Dropout."

I'm excited to continue the festivities with a little ski-venture with my brothers this weekend!!!